My name is Kate and I am, above all else, a lover of high quality homemade sweets and baked goods. I don’t find it at all weird to have a serving (or maybe two) of dessert before beginning to think about preparing dinner. Why wait for the good stuff?

I love to experiment. I’ve never found much fun in following rules or limitations, and I pride myself on trying any combination, whether that be lavender and sugar or Cheetos and peanut butter (a childhood favorite of mine. Gross right?) You’ll see this pattern as you look over my website. More often than not, a classic recipe will have some tweaks to it. Some might surprise you. All are unbelievably good.

I can and will oblige your wildest sweet tooth craving. I will also only use fresh and real ingredients to do so (no frozen fruit, butter substitutions, or imitation flavoring here.) I strongly believe you should know exactly what you’re putting into your body. Because of this, I’ve included an ingredient list with each and every one of my orders.

I long ago realized there is nothing I love more than being able to share what I’ve created, and to have it be enjoyed. This is my hobby, my outlet, and my all-encompassing passion. I would love to share it with you!

Deliciously yours,